Let’s 🌮 About Me

My style is vibrant, unique, authentic, brave, and bold. I’ll admit I have a slight obsession with trends, but I don’t just jump on every trendy band wagon. Not every trend fits my body type or personality. Honestly, it can get expensive, so I like to get a foundational piece that I can use and build off of many times.

I have many reasons why I decided to start a blog, which is strange because I am not tech savvy nor the best speller. I knew this would be a challenge for me and took it head on. I live by these words, “Don’t fear failure…in great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” -Bruce Lee

I always set goals and have big dreams for myself because I feel it gives me meaning and purpose in life. Creating this blog and helping people feel confident in what they wear gives me purpose. This year, I endured a miscarriage at 14 weeks. I wasn’t sure if I would share this news or not. I decided if it would impact and uplift one mommy-to-be that has had to endure what I did, it was worth sharing. I can’t really explain the overwhelming and devastating feeling. To not have control over such a milestone in my life was extremely difficult to grasp. It was physically, mentally, and financially draining. Our sweet baby Simmons was a blessing, but the tragedy of not having our baby here with us physically will forever make my heart and soul hurt. I put it all into the Lord’s hands and in that I found peace. “Cast your worries onto the Lord and he will sustain you.” – Plsam 55:22

I try not to wonder about how special the holidays would have been this year or how I would of been pregnant with my best friend of 15 years or how our baby won’t get to start school with the other bundle of joys of our sweet friends in our neighborhood. My husband was my hero during this time and I am forever thankful for that. After the loss of our baby, he told me to just go for it and start my blog because I had been talking about it for a while. So, here it is. “For I know the plans I have for you.” – Jeremiah-29:11

I like to challenge myself, whether it’s randomly competing in Miss Texas or trying out for The Houston Texans Cheerleader squad. One of my goals in life is to open a cafe and boutique because I have always had a passion for fashion, decor, & food. I enjoy uplifting people and helping them embrace and love themselves. Be the best YOU and that’s all that matters. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. “There wasn’t a predictable thing about her and it is the chaos that makes her so interesting!”

The reason I chose the name Peaches & Tortilla is because I am from South Texas. You could say I am a southern belle with a sprinkle of spice; so Peaches & Tortilla just felt right.

I am obsessed with coffee, craft beer, Barbies, vintage cars, historical homes, sea foam green, cactuses, llamas, camel colored leather, floral, decor, small towns, working out, my cat, hosting events or small get-togethers, my bulldog, my husband and unique restaurants.

Blessings y’all and Thank you for stopping in! – ❌⭕ 🍑🌵