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Posted on   Monday April 23, 2018  by   admin

Let’s Fiesta!

Fiesta, San Antonio begin in 1891 to honor the battles of the Alamo, San Jacinto, & celebrate the diversity & many heritages of Texas. “/ I absolutely adore the way this sizzling fajita festival all got started, simply by local women decorating baby buggies & carriages with vibrant live flowers. This parade is known as The Battle Of The Flowers. It is one of the largest and oldest parades in the country. To this day it is the only parade cultivated entirely by women. These women will be in sunshine yellow from head to toe on the big day. Fiesta brings in an economic impact of $340 million, as well as provides opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds. Feast your eyes on the endless events that Fiesta, San Antonio offers, such as Oyster Bake, NIOSA, River Walk Boat Float Parade,The King William Fair, & many more activities.

Fiesta, festivals, & summer time looks are all about | rainbow 🦄 | colors, stripes, & breathtaking handmade embroidered pieces. The pops of colors will have your mouth watering or that could just be the freshly squeezed margaritas & street taco smell that fills the city for days. I have linked in some fun margaritas with my senoritas looks below. P.S.- Fedora hats, bright straw bags, & unique shaped sunglasses are a must this season. I enjoyed sipping on my infused cocktail at The historic Havana Hotel. They have a patio restaurant and speakeasie bar that is one of a kind. My long live vintage heart just melts over the historic old wood floors and detailed architecture of this gorgeous building, nestled right on the river. https://havanasanantonio.com

Everyone will have on Fiesta Medals, https://www.fiesta-sa.org that local businesses create. School is cancelled throughout the city, confetti from eggs decorate the side walks, and all types of music like Tejano, Jazz, blues, and Mariachi is heard for miles.


Sweet As The South | Decorative thread intwined into fabric representing flowers & characteristics of multicultural heritages is what this dress is all about. This charming yellow midi dress is fabulous for many events. I paired it with authentic hand woven leather mules & a larger than Texas fedora hat. These bright earrings can turn any outfit into a showstopper. #shopthislook | Link Below |

Feeling Spicy | Soaking up some sun in this rainbow one piece. The quality of this fabric will have you saying, #vivafiesta You can team it up with many different cover-ups. I have linked in a few below. I decided to go with this pom-pom wrap skirt and comfy slide on flats.

As for me and my house we will serve tacos. Salsa 24:7

Make sure to shop my #vivafiesta #monthlyfeels below for all the perfect looks you will need this summer. Just simply scroll and click! Many of my Spring-worthy feels are appropriate for summer time as well, so if you haven’t got the chance to check them out you are missing out. Many blessings, Lascena Lee 🍑🌵